The SCMR Registry was established by the Society for Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance to collect and assimilate information on the international use of CMR with the goal of promoting use of this non-invasive cardiac imaging technology. The intent of the registry includes being the central collective body of evidence reflecting the current clinical applications in patient care, identifying change in patient impact from CMR over time and assessing the impact of CMR on diagnostic and therapeutic thinking, risk stratification, and even cost-effectiveness relevant to current patient management.

The SCMR Registry is designed to work with local or web-based CMR databases in order to collect predefined essential anonymized variables that will contribute to registry’s mission. Currently, CMR databases such as RedCap and CMRCOOP can easily share data with the SCMR Registry. Other databases, such as locally designed programs, may require scripts created by the registry team in order to allow for seamless data sharing. Institutions without CMR databases or those interested in changing to a cost and maintainance free online database should contact the SCMR registry team for more information.

The Global SCMR Registry’s Mission:

The SCMR Registry aims to promote collaboration of CMR sites worldwide in setting imaging and reporting standards, assessing diagnostic impact to patient care, and determining the cost effectiveness of CMR imaging.

Steering Committee:

The SCMR Registry has an 10-member Steering Committee composed of cardiovascular imaging specialists. These individuals are appointed to the committee by the Chair under the auspices of the Society for Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance. Individuals selected to the committee serve for three-years.

The Registry's Projected Development:

Phase 1: Harmonization of Databases with major US sites and EuroCMR
Phase 2: Development of a easy-to-use and de-identified Web Interface for Rapid Registry Data mining and DICOM loading and storage
Phase 3: Development of Indication-based projects and Grants Applications
Phase 4: Collection of Patient Outcomes and Metrics of Cost Effectiveness
Phase 5: Development of Quality Control Systems and Standards

The Society for Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance (SCMR):

The SCMR Registry currently receives funding support from SCMR, which is the leading international society for physicians, scientists, and technologists working in CMR and provides CMR-relevant education, training, standards development, and accreditation. To learn more, please visit their website: www.scmr.org