The SCMR Registry's Governing Body:

The SCMR Registry currently consists of a Data Management Team and a Steering Committee, appointed to serve over a 3- year term on this committee under the auspices of the Society for Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance. The Data Management team consists of 3 computer scientists from the Center of System Biology (CSB), a part-time research manager (all in Boston), and a level-5 SAS Data Manager who is located in Calgary. The 10-membered Steering Committee consists of a multidisciplinary multinational panel of imaging experts (5 CMR cardiologists, 4 CMR radiologists,and 1 physicist) with expertise from large biobanks and cardiovascular registries.

SCMR Leadership

  • Matthias G. Friedrich, President
  • Matthias Stuber, Vice President
  • Andrew Powell, Secretary Treasurer
  • James Carr, Vice Secretary-Treasurer
  • Jeanette Schulz-Menger, Past President
  • Orlando Simonetti, CEO
  • Peter Pomilio, COO

SCMR Registry Steering Committee

  • Raymond Kwong, Chair, Cardiologist
  • Eric Schelbert, Vice-Chair, Cardiologist
  • Uma Valeti, Coordinator, Cardiologist
  • Subha Raman, Member, Cardiologist
  • Steffen Petersen, Member, Cardiologist
  • Scott Flamm, Member, Radiologist
  • Ted Martin, Member, Cardiologist
  • Alistair Young, Member, Scientist
  • Ricardo Cury, Member, Radiologist

Data Management Team

IT and Computing Development and Support
  • Misha Pivovarov, Director of Center of Systems Biology (CSB)
  • Daniel Guettler
  • Lyuba Fexon
Data Conversion/Harmonization
  • Fareeza Khurshed, MS
Website Development
  • Kevin Steel, Subcommittee Chair, Cardiologist
  • Yuna Choi, Project Manager

Site Enrollment and Training

Data Policy and Agreement Subcommittee

Legal Advisors

  • Ben Tesdahl, SCMR Attorney