Patient Info Cardiac History (y/n) Associated Tests/Labs MRI Scanning Protocol CMR measurements (Group 1) CMR measurements (Group 2) Complications (y/n) Patient Outcomes
Sex Hx CABG  Serum Creatinine (local unit) Scanner Field Strength*  LVEDV (ml) Stress CMR Complications requiring hospitalization Years of Last Contact
Age (in years up to 89) Hx Significant Angio Stenosis eGFR (local unit) Scanner Vendor*  LVESV (ml) AHA 17 segments (perfusion, function, LGE) Death MACE - Unstable Angina (y/n)
Race* Hx PCI  Hematocrit (if T1 performed) Cine SSFP (y/n) LV Mass (g) Heart Rate (b/m) during CMR Life threatening arrhythmia MACE - Acute MI (y/n)
Ethnicity* Hx Angina Troponin (local unit) Cine FGRE (y/n) LV regional wall motion (y/n) BP, systolic, during CMR (mmHg) Anaphylaxis MACE - CHF Hospitalization (y/n)
Height (in)  Hx MI  CK (local unit) Tagging (y/n) Rest perfusion defect (y/n) BP, diastolic, during CMR (mmHg) Renal failure requiring dialysis MACE - Significant VT/VF (y/n)
Height (m)  Hx DM  CK-MB (local unit) LGE (y/n) Stress perfusion defect (y/n) Peak Stress Heart rate (b/m)  Nausea, headache, urticarial reactions after contrast MACE - Heart Transplant (y/n)
Body weight (lb)  Hx HTN  Echo (y/n) FSE/TSE (y/n) LGE LV (y/n) Peak Stress Systolic BP (mmHg) Possible/probable allergic reaction MACE - CVA (y/n)
Body weight (kg)  Hx CHF  Nuclear (y/n) Phase contrast (y/n) Non-infarct LGE (y/n) Peak Stress Diastolic BP (mmHg) Symptoms that do not threaten safety MACE - Death (y/n)
In-patient (y/n)  Hx HyperChol  Cardiac CT (y/n) Stress perfusion (y/n) LVEF (estimated %)  Anti Anginal need (y/n) Panic attack or claustrophobia MACE - CV death (y/n)
Reason for admission: Acute MI (y/n) FHx Premature CAD Cardiac CMR (y/n) Rest Perfusion (y/n) LVEDD (mm) Local infiltration of contrast MACE - sudden cardiac death (y/n)
Reason for admission: Arrhythmia (y/n) Hx Any Smoking XCA (y/n) T1 mapping (y/n) LVESD (mm) Heart Valves Urticarial allergic reaction to agents Years of last known alive
Reason for admission: CHF (y/n) Current Smoking Status T2 mapping (y/n) AS wall thickness (mm) Aortic stenosis (y/n) Vasovagal symptoms PCI after MRI (y/n)
Reason for admission: Non-Cardiac (y/n) Hx PVD  T2* mapping (y/n) PL wall thickness (mm) AS Grade*  CABG after MRI (y/n)
Reason for CMR (text) Hx End Stage Renal Ds Coronary MRA (y/n) T2* value (msec) Aortic Regurg (y/n) Diagnostic/Therapeutic Decision due to CMR (y/n) ICD Implantation (y/n)
CMR Indication by 2-level AUC Hx Pulm Ds  Heart Rate during CMR (b/m) AR Grade*   Suspected diagnosis confirmed Pacer Implantation (y/n)
Diagnosis (pre-CMR)*  Hx Glaucoma Diagnosis (post-CMR)*  Mitral stenosis (y/n) Suspected diagnosis excluded LVAD Implantation (y/n)
Technical quality* Hx Sickle Cell Anemia BP, systolic, during CMR (mmHg) MS Grade*   Suspected diagnosis confirmed and additional info
Underlying Rhythm* BP, diastolic, during CMR (mmHg) Mitral Regurg (y/n) Suspected diagnosis excluded and additional info
Gating Method* Peak Stress Heart rate (b/m) MR Grade*   Completely new diagnosis
Peak Stress Systolic BP (mmHg) Tricuspid stenosis (y/n) Procedures avoided/triggered by CMR - Any
Presenting sign/symptom Medications (y/n) Contrast and Drug Protocols Peak Stress Diastolic BP (mmHg) TS Grade*  Procedures avoided/triggered  by CMR - SPECT
Abnormal ECG (y/n) Beta Blockers Contrast I - type* LV Mass By LGE (g) Tricuspid Regurg (y/n) Procedures avoided/triggered  by CMR - PET
Arrhythmia (y/n) Digoxin  Contrast I - Total volume injected LGE mass (g) TR Grade*  Procedures avoided/triggered  by CMR - CCTA
Chest pain (y/n) Calcium Channel Blocker Contrast I - volume for stress perfusion RVEDV (ml) Procedures avoided/triggered  by CMR - XCA
Dyspnea (y/n) Ace Inhibitors  Contrast I - volume for rest perfusion RVESV (ml) CMR measurements (Group 3)  Procedures avoided/triggered  by CMR - PCI
Edema (y/n) Angiotensin Receptor Blocker  Contrast I - volume for other technique RV Size*  T1 Mapping Procedures avoided/triggered  by CMR - CABG
Orthopnea (y/n) Aldosterone Receptor Blocker Oral sedation drug type RV global fn*   Segmental and Blood T1 Procedures avoided/triggered  by CMR - valve surgery
Palpitations (y/n) Neprilysin Inhibitor/ARB Oral sedation drug dosage RV regional fn (y/n) Hematocrit at CMR (%) Change in medication
PND (y/n) Nitroglycerin  Intravenous sedation drug type RVEF (estimate %)  Immediate hospital admission 
Syncope/Presyncope (y/n) Statins Intravenous sedation drug dosage LGE RV (y/n) Pericardium Early hospital discharge
CVA/TIA (y/n) Non-Statins anti-Lipid Agents  Adenosine protocol (Stress CMR only) LA Size*  Max pericardial thickness (mm)
Asymptomatic (y/n) Diuretics  Dobutamine protocol (Stress CMR only) LA Dimension (Ant/Post) (mm) Pattern thickened pericardium* 
Other (y/n) Aspirin Dipyridamole protocol (Stress CMR only) RA Size*  Pericardial Effusion (y/n)
Other symptom(s) description  Other Anti-platelet Regadenoson protocol (Stress CMR only) RA Dimension (4 cham) (mm)
NYHA HF Class Anti-coagulation  Aortic Root Dimension (mm) Thoracic Aorta
Anti-Arrythmics Pulmonary Artery Dimension (mm) Aortic Root (mm)
Insulin  Ascending Aorta (mm)
Hypoglycemic Agent  Descending Aorta (mm)
Other medication
* Asterisk indicates a droplist is available for data entry        
Variables are grouped under the GREEN headings and subheadings.  Red color indicates REQUIRED variables, whereas others are RECOMMENDED variables.  Additional variables may be needed for future research protocols.